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MyChart Terms and Conditions Statement

This web site ("MyChart") and related services are provided by Hospital Sisters Health System on its own behalf and on behalf of all of its affiliate hospitals and entities ("HSHS") to its patients and the patients of participating providers, as further described on Exhibit A, attached hereto and incorporated herein by reference ("Participants"), subject to compliance with the terms and conditions set forth below. Please read the following information carefully. Your continued use of MyChart will indicate your agreement to be bound by the terms and conditions as set forth below. If you do not agree to be bound by the terms and conditions as stated below, promptly exit this web site.

I. Privacy

Your privacy is of the utmost importance to us. HSHS and Participants, as applicable, will use your confidential medical information in order to provide you health care services. HSHS and Participants will, at all times, maintain your confidential medical information in strict confidence and will not disclose any information regarding your medical information to any unaffiliated third party unless you authorize that person or entity to receive your medical information or the information is permitted to be disclosed pursuant to state and/or federal law. Please review HSHS's and any applicable Participant's Notice of Privacy Practices for a thorough description of how your confidential medical information may be gathered, used and protected. All messages sent and received within MyChart that contain medical information are subject to all state and federal laws governing the security and confidentiality of medical records.

II. MyChart Features

A. Shared Electronic Medical Record

HSHS participates in an arrangement with other health care organizations, the Participants, who have agreed to work with each other to facilitate access to health information that may be relevant to your care. This arrangement is called MyChart and constitutes this web site. Through MyChart, HSHS and Participants store health information about their patients in a joint electronic medical record. You may view a list of Participants and their internet addresses on Exhibit A. Further information about Participants, including regarding their Notices of Privacy Practices, may be obtained by contacting the Participants.

B.Electronic Messaging

MyChart should never be used for urgent or emergent matters. The anticipated turnaround time for response to electronic messages is approximately two (2) business days. Therefore, for all urgent medical matters, please contact your physician's office directly by phone. FOR ALL EMERGENT MEDICAL MATTERS, IMMEDIATELY DIAL 911 TO SEEK TREATMENT AT AN EMERGENCY FACILITY.
If your provider is out of the office or unavailable, messages sent via MyChart may be routed to other authorized caregivers within your Participant's organization in order to facilitate a timely response to your request.

C. Secure Communications

All communications between you and HSHS or Participants, as applicable, using MyChart occur over a secure connection. You will receive Internet e-mail messages notifying you that new information is available in your MyChart account. These e-mail messages, however, will not contain any confidential medical information. All of the confidential medical information available to you in MyChart is protected and securely maintained by HSHS and Participants, as applicable.

III. Information Does Not Constitute Medical Advice

Neither HSHS nor Participants assume responsibility for how you utilize the information you obtain from MyChart. You should consult with a physician or other health care provider regarding your own condition and how MyChart content may or may not apply to you or that condition.

You may be accessing your own medical information via the MyChart application and may wish to communicate with one of your health care providers concerning your medical information or related information. If you have an emergency, or think you need to speak to someone urgently, please do not use the communication options provided to you by MyChart. Neither MyChart nor any other application available through MyChart is a substitute for appropriate and timely contact with your provider. MyChart is not a substitute for consultation with your provider. You should never change or stop any course of treatment prescribed by your provider without first consulting him or her.

IV. Termination of Access

HSHS may restrict or terminate access to MyChart if there is a privacy, security risk or the system is down. Access may be restricted for planned maintenance of the MyChart system, every effort will be made to communicate downtime to all users in advance. However, there may be reasons to restrict access to MyChart without advance notice. If your use of MyChart violates these Terms and Conditions, HSHS reserves the right to permanently terminate access to MyChart.

V. Restrictions on Use and Ownership

All pages within MyChart and any material made available for download are the property of HSHS, its subsidiaries and affiliates and/or the Participants. The content on MyChart is provided for HSHS and the Participants and their patients only. All trademarks, service marks, and logos used in this site, including but not limited to Epic, are the trademarks, service marks, or logos of their respective owners. Nothing on this site should be construed as granting any license or right to use any trademark, service mark, or logo displayed on this site without the express permission of the party that may own the trademark, service mark, or logo.

VI. Accuracy and Integrity of Information

Although HSHS attempts to ensure the integrity of the MyChart, it makes no guarantees or warranties, express or implied, whatsoever as to the correctness or accuracy of MyChart. It is possible that MyChart could include typographical errors, inaccuracies or other errors. In the event that an inaccuracy arises, please inform HSHS or your Participant's organization so that it can be corrected. Information contained on MyChart may be changed or updated without notice.

VII. Minor Eligibility

A person must be age 12 or older to request a personal account.

Parents or guardians of minor children may request access to the minor’s account by following the terms outlined in the “Proxy Access” sections of this Terms and Conditions statement. However, under State and Federal law, there are certain types of medical information that the parent or guardian of a minor patient age 12 or older may not view without consent of the minor patient. Because of these requirements, we are only able to offer the full spectrum of services to parents of minor patients with an appropriate Authorization to Access Online Medical Records form.

VIII. Proxy Access

Individuals age 18 or older may request proxy access to another individual’s MyChart account by completing the Authorization to Access Online Medical Records form and submitting it to HSHS’s or your Participant organization’s front desk or following the instructions under Profile/Personalize. For minors, such access will only be granted to parties with a legal right to the minor’s medical information (example, parents with physical placement, legal guardian, or for minor 12 years or older an authorization from the minor). A MyChart account will be activated for both the proxy and the account holder. If the proxy’s legal relationship with the account holder changes, the proxy must inform HSHS immediately by calling the the MyChart Help Desk, your Participant’s organization or following the instructions under Profile/Personalize. HSHS reserves the right to revoke proxy access at any time for any reason.

Anyone that you have authorized to have proxy access to your record will be able to see, modify, download and disclose your appointments, medications, lab results, medical information, including but not limited to substance use disorder, behavioral care, HIV results, sexually transmitted disease, pregnancy and more. If you wish to change your authorized proxies, you may do so by following the prompt under Profile/Personalize.

IX. Links to Other Sites

HSHS makes no representations or warranties whatsoever about any other web site that you may access through MyChart or any entity that may post its advertisements on MyChart. When you access a non-HSHS site, please be advised that it is independent from HSHS, and that HSHS has no control over the content on that respective web site. HSHS does not endorse or accept any responsibility whatsoever for the content or use of any other linked site. If you decide to access any third-party sites linked to MyChart, you do so entirely at your own risk.

X. Third-Party Applications

If you as a patient find a third-party application that you would like to use to access and import your health information, HSHS provides the ability for you to use such application. To do this, you must establish a HSHS patient portal account because the security (user name and password) you set will be the same authentication for any third-party application to access and import your health information. Once your account is created, send an email to containing your name, phone number (in case we have additional questions), and third-party application name and web address. We will work to ensure it’s able to connect securely. HSHS reserves the right to disable any third-party application if needed.

As a MyChart user, your role in maintaining the security of your medical information is:
1) Changing your password on a regular basis.
2) Keeping your login ID and password confidential.
3) Please report any concerns by calling our help desk Toll Free at 866-312-5023.

Exhibit A



HSHS Affiliated Hospital and Clinic Participants:
HSHS St. John's Hospital, Springfield, IL
HSHS St. Francis Hospital, Litchfield, IL
HSHS St. Mary's Hospital, Decatur, IL
HSHS St. Anthony's Hospital, Effingham, IL
HSHS St. Elizabeth's Hospital, O'Fallon, IL
HSHS St. Joseph's Hospital, Highland, IL
HSHS Holy Family Hospital, Greenville, IL
HSHS St. Joseph's Hospital, Breese, IL
HSHS Medical Group
Prairie Cardiovascular

Independent Participants:
Belleville Family Medical, Ltd.
Central Illinois Kidney and Dialysis Associates, SC
Foot and Ankle Center of Illinois, PC
Ruben Boyajian, MD
Tracy Painter, MD


HSHS Affiliated Hospital and Clinic Participants:
HSHS St. Vincent Hospital, Green Bay, WI
HSHS St. Mary's Hospital Medical Center, Green Bay, WI
HSHS St. Nicholas Hospital, Sheboygan, WI
HSHS St. Clare Memorial Hospital, Oconto Falls, WI
HSHS St. Joseph's Hospital, Chippewa Falls, WI
HSHS Sacred Heart Hospital, Eau Claire, WI
Prevea Clinic

Independent Participants:
Chippewa Valley Neurosciences, LLC
Confluence Healthcare, SC
Eau Claire GI Associates, SC
Evergreen Surgical, SC
Matthews Oncology Associates, SC
Oakleaf Clinics, Inc
Sheboygan Cancer & Blood Specialties, SC
Sheboygan Internal Medicine Associates, SC
Sheboygan Pediatric Associates, SC
Thomas Peller, MD, SC
Western Wisconsin Urology, SC

Closed Independent Participants:
Bay Area Nephrology, SC
Children's EyeCare Center, SC
Endocrinology Associates of Green Bay, SC
Sheboygan Surgical Associates, SC